Phoenix FHA Mortgage Loans

Fha Loans For First Time Home Buyers in Phoenix Arizona 2011 will be your year to purchase a home.  It is proven that you can own a home for less than rent due to the market affordability factor.


What does market affordibility factor mean for First Time Home Buyers looking to acquire a new Fha Loan in the Phoenix Market?

  1. Prices of homes at their lowest point!
  2. Rates in the high 4’s to low 5’s
  3. Motivated Banks and Sellers so low costs to obtain an Fha Home Loan in Phoenix

So lets elaborate on the Prices of homes at their lowest point and what that means for Fha Loans For First Time Home Buyers – During the later part of 2006 and early 2007 the Phoenix Market peaked at its highest point in most areas, over DOUBLE the price of what it is today!

With prices being literally cut in half a Phoenix Arizona Fha Loan First Time Buyer could purchase a new Phoenix Home now with a payment HALF of what it was then!

Why do the rates being where they are now matter to First Time Home Buyers? With the prices down, and the rates down you have the PERFECT scenario for folks that are in the beginning stages of their careers but want to start developing some wealth in Real Estate in Phoenix.

With motivated banks and sellers why would that help the First Time Home Buyersin Phoenix when looking for an Fha Loan on a new home? In many many cases that I have run into, our buyer are acquiring properties WELL BELOW even today’s market!

We are Government loan experts specifically specializing in Fha Loans for First Time Home Buyers, that is what we do.  We have DE Underwritersright in the next room where we can take your individual scenario and run it by them to see what program is ultimately best suited for you. 


After completing the Fha Loan Application our team with guide you withe the rest of the process for you unique scenario.  If you have had some credit challenges in the past we can help you work through that as well.

In closing our team is the best at obtaining financing for Fha Fit Time Home Buyers, to find out more or to get your approval process started click the link above.