Photo of Christopher Arbuckle

Christopher Arbuckle

Loan Partner II

Handling all loan aspects from contract to close, Christopher serves as Loan Partner II. He gathers all documentation once the contract comes in, updates all parties every Tuesday through the process, and sends loan status updates (LSU) as milestones are achieved. If you need anything during this part of the process, you will reach out…

Photo of Austin Khamis

Austin Khamis

Business Development Rep II

In the Business Development Role II, Austin’s primary duty is to prospect leads, assist clients by connecting them with the right contact, and further developing consumer facing business. He also helps deliver Open House Rescue bags and Sign Riders for our Top Realtor Partners.

Photo of Jordon Partridge

Jordon Partridge

Loan Partner

As a Loan Partner, Jordon works to provide a very high level of communication right out of the gate with every new client. He runs the application, pulls credit, checks debt to income, and then schedules an appointment with Ricky for their formal application. He will update the Referral Partners throughout the transaction, and is…

Photo of Brittney Stratton

Brittney Stratton

Business Development Rep I

Serving as the Business Development Representative I, Brittney’s primary focus  is  on  the  marketing  for  our  valued  Referral  Partners.  Additionally, Brittney assists with scheduling appointments, property flyers, co-branding marketing material, event coordination, and educating realtors on available AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. marketing platforms.