Photo of Christopher Arbuckle

Christopher Arbuckle

Team Captain

Manages the day to day tasks of the team to ensure everything is being handled in a timely manner, that all of the new leads are being contacted, the non-approved leads are working on their goals, the approved leads are being followed up with to answer any of their financing questions, and that all of…

Photo of Austin Khamis

Austin Khamis

Business Development Specialist

Austin is a business prodigy. His primary duty is to bring new business in the door for The Khamis Team. He helps to coordinate events, schedule appointments, deliver Open House Rescue bags, Sign Riders and a Visual Shows Expert.

Photo of Jordon Partridge

Jordon Partridge

Loan Partner

Jordon and CJ work together to provide a very high level of communication right out of the gate with every new client, he will run the application, pull credit, check debt to income, and then schedule an appointment with Ricky for their formal application. They will update the Referral Partners throughout the transaction and are…